• Award Category: Most Socially-Relevant Initiative
  • Introduction: Vinay Kumar Maurya is a Class 12 passout from Aakash Institute, Janakpuri, New Delhi.
  • Achievement: Initiated India Home Ayurveda to Educate People about Ayurveda.

Practising Ayurveda in our daily life can balance our modern lifestyle with health-oriented habits. Keeping this in mind, Vinay Kumar Maurya, a 17-year-old, Class 12 passout, from Aakash Institute, Janakpuri, New Delhi, initiated a programme named India Home Ayurveda which has educated more than 1500 people about Indian Ayurveda in his locality. Vinay encouraged people to use Ayurveda and bring them back to the natural environment.


During COVID-19, when many people lost their lives due to bad health and poor immunity, those who were practising Ayurveda for a long time felt safer. Thus, Vinay started this initiative during the Lockdown to promote Ayurveda. At first, he collected data from more than 12 schools and proposed a plan explaining how we as individuals enhance the importance of Indian Ayurveda in society.

He was awarded the title of State Child Scientist by the National Children's Science Congress and National Council for Scientific Research . He also started a platform named India Home Ayurveda where people could come and know about various ayurvedic products that are easily available in their locality. 

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For this initiative, Vinay has been awarded as a State Child Scientist by the National Children’s Science Congress. 

In addition, he was also nominated for the National Child Award 2023.

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Other Initiatives

Over the past years, social media has become a most integral part of everyone's lives, especially students. Sharing information has now become so much easier for students as they can easily connect with their friends and teachers. Keeping this in mind, Vinay decided to launch his own YouTube channel - Technology World Education Channel (TW eDUCATION) to offer Educational Videos on Technical Topics and Concepts to students. 

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His Inspiration

The idea of setting up a YouTube channel for teaching underprivileged and needy students came to Vinay Kumar Maurya through his maternal uncle. With the growth of digital media in recent years, Vinay decided to make the most use of it by providing education to the poor or needy ones, because not everyone can afford basic education. 

Activities/ Initiatives

Being a student, teaching and sharing with other students also helps him to clear his concepts. At first, he started giving offline and online courses free of cost, but now he charges minimal fees to provide money to teachers who join his platform for the social work. 

The Impact

Vinay worked with his team members and ensured that he could establish a better learning environment for students. Because of this motivation, more than 200 students are currently learning with the help of his YouTube channel free of cost. Influenced by his efforts, a group of 5 to 6 people also joined him and helped him by promoting his website as well as his educational platform.

Other Achievements

He has received a certificate for teaching Mathematics interactively and simply to break the fear of Mathematics among students. He has also received a certificate in the field of science as a State Child Scientist. 

Vinay Kumar Maurya is a finalist for Most Socially-Relevant Initiative because he took the initiative to educate people about Ayurveda and made a platform aimed at making people aware of various easily available ayurvedic products.

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