• Award Categories: Most Creative Online Initiative & Most Promising Literary Talent
  • Introduction: Agastya Rao, Abhimanyu Rao and Mihir Rao
  • Achievement: At the onset of the pandemic, three Young Change makers launched a language-rich, weekly digest to share uplifting and positive information with the aim of spreading some joy to all their readers and add just a little extra light to everyone's lives.

The initial days of the pandemic were the toughest, where uncertainty and rising number of COVID-19 cases and deaths broke the spirit of even the best of us. With no school, no chance of meeting friends or family, and only upsetting news wherever one looked, it was easy to start looking at life from a “glass half full” point of view. Deeply concerned by this negative atmosphere, Agastya, Abhimanyu and Mihir, three young teenagers, wondered how they could bring joy to as many people as they could. This is when they decided to do something about it and thus was born The Paperless Press – a weekly online digest that shares only positive, uplifting information and critically analysed articles every week, with the aim of bringing a dose of hope to their readers.


Born with the intent of spreading joy and good news among its readers, the Paperless Press features articles that are current and relevant, a “Did You Know” section for interesting facts and path breaking news from the world of science, a “Happiness Quotient” bringing the most uplifting news from all over, a weekly sports roundup, a video with the review of a recommended book, and on different weeks, interviews with ‘young change makers’, a guest column for the culinary section, and much more.

The weekly digest focuses on themes like an equal world, gender equality, the environment, outer space, motivation and inspiration, bias against left-handed people, the Constitution, pets, books, sports, TV and movies, among others. The quality of their articles is top notch and if a reader did not know that these were written by 13 year olds, they would hardly believe it. The articles are as relevant for most adults as they are for an 8-year-old or an older teenager. Being avid debaters, they have won awards at the international level and felt this Weekly Digest would benefit from their love for researching and analysing current topics.

To give a few examples, they have written about the positive impact of ViratKohli seeking paternity leave on the way childcare responsibilities are traditionally viewed in society, the interconnection between mythologies across different countries and cultures, on how to find inspiration, what teenagers wish their parents would understand, on the pros and cons of the space race, why we need more women in politics, etc. They have been interviewed by Universe Talkies, IGenPod and the Joy of Drama and received positive comments from viewers all over the world.

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The Paperless Press is our finalist for Most Creative Online Initiative & Most Promising Literary Talent Because…

What started as an idea to share happiness during the lockdown has inspired Agastya, Abhimanyu and Mihir to keep going. They are inspired by the outpouring of support they have received from readers of all ages and plan to continue this unique Weekly Digest. They have received positive feedback from readers of all ages, and that for them is the greatest achievement. They have been going strong for eight months and plan to continue spreading the message of cheer, hope, joy and happiness with others for a long time to come. Their perseverance, spirit and dedication to start a new idea is inspiring. In a time when the pandemic created distances, they brought people closer with a message of optimism.

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