• Award Category: Best Use of Science & Technology
  • Introduction: Tejas Goel is a Class 9 student from Delhi Public School, Ghaziabad
  • Achievement: Developed See-Through AI-Based Glasses for the Visually Impaired

Around 2.2 billion people have near or distant vision impairment and about 9.3 million are visually impaired in India. Looking at these statistics, Tejas Goel, a 14-year-old, Class 9 Student from Delhi Public School, Ghaziabad, made Artificial Intelligence based glasses for the visually impaired.

SEAI or See Through AI-Based Glasses

Avoidable blindness is a serious problem in India and keeping this in mind, Tejas developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based See Through Glasses that can help visually impaired people to sense the world around them. As there is no such product available in the market that is made specifically for blind people, this See Through AI product will be connected to an application and will help the visually impaired recognise and perceive like other people. 

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Working of SEAI or See Through AI-Based Glasses

The See-Through Glasses consist of Audino UNO, Ultra Sonic Sensor, Camera Module, Battery, Voice Recognition Module and Speaker Module. 

The SEAI prototype made by him is capable of speaking out text as soon as it appears in front of the camera, and can also provide audio guidance to capture a printed page along with its original formatting. 

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See Through AI can recognise currency notes and can read handwritten texts such as greeting cards. Not only this, this device can calculate the distance between the person and the object and can also describe the mood of the people in front of the person wearing it. Currently, See Through AI is in the production phase and he soon plans to expand its production further by creating a database that helps the person to see the other person in front of them frequently. 

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Tejas Goel is a finalist for Best Use of Science & Technology because he made an effort to aid the visually impaired to recognise objects. His device SEAI or See Through AI-based glasses is able to help many visually impaired people to sense the world around them.  

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