• Award Category: Most Socially Relevant Initiative
  • Introduction: Tanush Sawhney's is a student of class X at Sanskriti School, New Delhi
  • Achievements: Launched Mask for India initiative to provide quality masks, sanitary napkins and other items of basic utility to the underprivileged.

Just like most pandemics, COVID-19 too has had a far-reaching impact on different sections of the society. At a time when supply chain disruptions, especially in medical products, largely hindered the lives of poor and underprivileged in India, COVID-19 warriors stepped up to help and support these sections by providing basic health and utility items. One such organization is ‘Students for India’, which was founded by Tanush Sawhney, a Class 10th student of Ahlcon International School, New Delhi. He along with the co-founders Puranjay Chawla and Manomay Ghoshal as well as a group of volunteers made sure that basic necessities, including masks and sanitary napkins were available to the people in need, in and around Delhi.


During the initial phase of the pandemic, when the complete government machinery was focused on checking the spread of the disease, the poor and underprivileged sections of our society were left to fend for themselves. With lockdown restrictions, supply chain disruptions and financial crunch, getting even the most basic things, including masks, sanitizers and sanitary pads were difficult for people. At such a time, ‘Students for india’ a student-led and managed group, stepped-up to help provide these basic necessities to them.

What started as a local initiative, wherein, Tanush and his friends would provide quality masks to the poor people, soon transformed into a full-fledged organization, providing quality masks, sanitary pads and essential food supplies to the underprivileged population in and around Delhi. Today, ‘Students for India’ is a 500-student strong volunteer group, which is leading the fight against Coronavirus by protecting and aiding the deprived sections of society.

In a short time-span, the ‘Students for India’ transformed itself into ‘Masks for India’ as a community of warriors against COVID-19 which now has a pan-India footprint. From villages in Rajasthan in the West, to Assam in the East and Himachal Pradesh in North to Madhya Pradesh in Central India and Maharashtra, Tanush and his group of student volunteers have worked tirelessly to reach out to the poor and help them in their hour of need. With the organization finding a pan-India presence, the group also used several online tools for coordination, fundraising, research and to support their abilities to cater to the needs of the poor.

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Website: https://www.masksforindia.org/

Tanush Sawhney is a finalist for Most Socially Relevant Initiative Award Because…

From the onset of the pandemic till today, ‘Students for India’ has helped over 50,000 families garner essential supplies in their time of need till date. Tanush’s local initiative soon struck a chord with many others like him, who wanted to step-up and help others sail through this crisis, instead of being a mute spectator. Tanush’s ‘Students for India’ initiative is a living example of how a noble idea just needs a gentle nudge to transform itself into a nation-wide movement for good.

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