• Award Category: Outstanding Educational Leader
  • Introduction: Principal at Arwachin International School, New Delhi. 
  • Achievement: A teacher trainer who has conducted over 350 workshops across India, as a freelance trainer. 


Swapna Nair serves as the Principal of Arwachin International School in Dilshad Garden, New Delhi. In addition to this, she is a member of the management committee in several schools and acts as an honorary advisor on various school boards. With expertise in teacher training, she serves as the District training coordinator for CBSE district North East and also acts as a resource person for CBSE. In addition, she represented Delhi Government zone 6 in discussions and deliberations on NEP and is a part of the International Executive Council of Global Inclusive Education Network.

Training The Teachers

Swapna Nair is an experienced teacher trainer who has conducted over 350 training workshops across India. She has trained for a range of organizations including Rachna Sagar, Young Angles, Collins, Pearson, and various other publishing houses. She is a dynamic leader with a passion for building happy schools and promoting value-based education. Ms Nair also works in collaboration with District State legal authority DLSA to spread awareness on POCSO and cybercrime among students, teachers, parents, and educationists.

Driven by the desire to find innovative ways to fulfill her role as a trainer, Ms Nair's extensive knowledge, progressive outlook, and motivation enable her to inspire the teaching community to embark on a journey towards growth and improvement. 

She offers training workshops for educators on a range of topics, including Competency-Based Education, Experiential Learning, Activity-based Learning in the Classroom, Effective Question Paper Setting, Motivating Students for English Communication, Career Guidance, Value-based Education, English Teaching Strategies and Methodology for classes IX-XII, and Role-Modeling Behavior.

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Other Significant Initiatives

Ms Nair has edited and written content for schools’ English textbooks. 

She has written the Sure Shot book series for classes 10 and 12 for MBD, classes 9 and 10 for the Maharashtra board, and classes 6-8 books for Rachana Sagar. 

Alongside, she has been instrumental in increasing the greenery in and around the school campus, including public parks. 

To add to her students' holistic growth, she has actively motivated the students of her school to volunteer in the Online Basti Exchange program under ‘each one, teach one'. Under this program, a child of Sewa Basti is paired with a child from an elite school. This helps both the students in their learning process. 

She has also been working passionately towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals, especially Zero Hunger.  Along with her teachers and students, she has been providing food to the underprivileged on a regular basis.

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Awards and Recognition

  • Ms Nair has been awarded the Principal of the year 2023, The Quest for the top 100 principals of the country.
  • She has been presented with the Avantika Atal Samman 2018-19 for her contribution to Nation Building, Social Welfare and Environment Protection.

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Swapna Nair is a finalist for Outstanding Educational Leader because she is setting industry best practices by strengthening the teaching community and helping them become self-sufficient through creative and innovative approaches.

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