• Award Category: Best Initiative (Edutainment – Making Learning Fun)
  • Introduction: Sumedha Sodhi is a teacher Ahlcon International School, New Delhi and teaches classes IX and X 
  • Achievement: Sumedha launched more than a dozen programs and initiatives to help her students learn effectively and in a fun way.

The spread of COVID-19 has resulted in a number of challenges not least of which are those created by the closure of schools, colleges, and universities. Educational institutions now encourage instructors and teachers to move their classes online. But crossing this particular chasm is no easy task. It requires learning new skills and adopting a new approach. Thankfully, teachers like Sumedha Sodhi take up initiatives to make this learning process fun and exciting using various Edtech tools. 


It’s commonly believed that it’s harder to capture students attention through online interactions than it is ínside a classroom. Sumedha Sodh, an educator with Ahlcon International School proved this to be a myth by launching more than a dozen programs and initiatives to help her students learn effectively and in a fun way.

1. Virtual Debates and Discussions

Sumedha hosted Virtual Debate and discussion with students to give them voice and choice in a fun way on various topics using the FLIPGRID platform.

i) "Democracy is better than Other types of government " using the Flipgrid digital tool in class IX. 

Link: https://flipgrid.com/6465d072 

ii) SDG-1 No poverty “International Poverty Eradication Day”

Link: https://flipgrid.com/e0d5978d

2. Virtual Flashcards for Concept Recapitulation

Sumedha developed digital flashcards using the digital tool - Quizlet wherein students can learn in a fun way and also play live animated games to learn and revise concepts.

 Link: https://quizlet.com/_8d78sj?x=1jqt&i=2uqgrb 

3. Animated Videos and Study Content

She also used the PLOTAGON tool to create animated videos of the syllabus to be taught to class X and also guided students to use the Plotagon app to make their own concept-based videos and practice peer teaching.

4. Quiz Development for fun-based learning

Sumedha extensively used the KAHOOT tech tool to develop quizzes for students to experience a gamified learning experience. The quizzes were developed for classes IX and X. She also used the BUNCEE tech tool to educate Class X students about Agriculture.

Link: https://create.kahoot.it/share/quiz-on-democracy/45a2f826-edbd-4c27-a361-5720a364d97e 

 Link: https://create.kahoot.it/share/resources-and-development/c2906cf2-1a38-46d9-af05-bb7b86f5753 

Link to student presentation: https://app.edu.buncee.com/buncee/29aa16a03f1340628b688e5f2b6c26af 

5. Digital Registers for Students 

Sumedha used the WAKELET platform to do collaborative research projects with students and help them create digital registers to compile their work.

Link: https://wakelet.com/spaces/hX9-oaEpMKvKlSFhwsIKr/members 

6. Use of Podcasts to Reduce Screen Time

With online classes and the homework all going digital, the screen usage of students, as well as educators, has increased substantially. To reduce the screen time for learners, Sumedha has made podcasts for her students and for fellow educators to achieve the learning outcomes at their own pace, thus reducing the screen time.

Link: https://anchor.fm/edurockstartalks 

Sumedha Sodhi is a finalist for Best Initiative (Edutainment – Making Learning Fun) Award Because…

While we all struggled to continue our everyday activities during the pandemic, Sumedha made sure that her students embrace the online medium willingly and happily. To keep the students engaged and motivated, Sumedha not just explored new dimensions of digital education but also made an effective use of pedagogy to execute them in the best possible manner.

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