• Award Category: Most Innovative Use of Science & Technology and Most Innovative Teaching Method
  • Introduction: Suman Tripathi is a Teacher at Tagore International School, East of Kailash, New Delhi
  • Achievement: Used Virtual Reality for enabling Competency-Based Education (CBE)

The pandemic challenged the traditional methods of teaching-learning across the world and forced the educators and students to move to the online medium. Amid these unprecedented challenges, Ms. Suman Tripathi, an educator from Tagore International School, New Delhi, thought of making use of some innovative teaching techniques using technology solutions to make learning fun and exciting for the students. 


To bring innovation to online teaching, Ms. Suman experimented with various online tools and modelled them to facilitate language learning. In her quest to implement tech-based solutions in the education sector, she came across Virtual Reality (VR) that can be potentially used as an innovative  medium for teaching various concepts including communication skills and for assessment, enabling Competency-Based Education (CBE). Her innovative methods are not limited to classroom teaching and can be effectively used in learning beyond the classroom by bringing real-life relevance to literature.

Ms. Suman has so far created many lesson-specific virtual tours for students, which can help them experience and explore the topic from a unique and engaging perspective. One such lesson prepared by her is of Dandi March, which was created on Google Voyager Virtual Reality platform to introduce students to a literature chapter about Mahatma Gandhi. To make these virtual tours more exciting, she integrated them with Mentimeter, Jamboards and Word Wall.

Click Here for Dandi March VR Tour Created by Ms Suman.

Her Google Voyager Projects were successful in the classroom and were also recognized by her school Principal. She also received the COAE Exemplary Educator Award for her innovate teaching during unprecedented times. On 25 July 2020, during Sarv Sahodya Meeting, Ms. Suman demonstrated how to bring VR into the class to make online teaching-learning more interactive. 

Suman Tripathi is a finalist for Most Innovative Use of Science & Tech and Most Innovative Teaching Method Awards Because…

At a time when the educational sector was struggling to deal with and unprecedented and challenging situation, Ms. Suman, brought innovation to digital learning of language and successfully implemented the VR and online tools initiative, thereby making the teaching-learning process more student-centred, innovative and flexible.

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