• Award Category: Most Socially Relevant Initiative
  • Introduction: Shuban Singh is an 11-year-old student of class V in Sunbeam School, Lahartara
  • Achievement: Developed 'The Fluido Papyrus' - Paper Made from 100% Reusable Plastic to address the problem of deforestation and plastic induced global-warming.

Deforestation and Plastic induced Global Warming are two global challenges that need widespread attention; these can be reversed only if concentrated action is taken urgently. Shuban Singh, an 11-year-old class 5th student of Sunbeam School, Lahartara, realized that vast swathes of forests arebeing chopped down every-year for paper production which in-turn releases more carbon dioxide, further contributing to global warming. To contribute in his own way, Shuban came-up with an innovative solution that has the potential of addressing both these challenges at the same time.


Amid the COVID-19 induced lockdown, the Earth was momentarily devoid of man-made problems and had started healing itself. In a bid to sustain these changes in the post-COVID-19 era, Shuban invented 'The Fluido Papyrus', a one-step solution to prevent deforestation and global warming. 

'The Fluido Papyrus' is a series of notebooks and is made from 100% reusable plastic. The page is designed within a durable plastic enclosure filled with a low-cost liquid eliminating the usage of traditional bark paper and resembles a photo album.

The notebook is 100% reusable as the said liquid can be drained out once the notebook is full and refilled through a new liquid solution, granting people with a notebook that is brand new and can go through multiple usage cycles.

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Shuban Singh is a finalist for the Most Socially Relevant Initiative Award because…

Increased use of plastic and deforestation has contributed much to global warming which is one of the most pressing issues of the 21st century. Shuban, at a very early age, is conscious about sustainable development and has proposed a solution that has potential to contribute towards ensuring a cleaner, greener and safer world for us all. Shubanclearly embodies the spirit of an eco-warrior and is committed towards creating a sustainable future.

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