Award Category - Most Socially-Relevant Initiative

Introduction - Shruti Pandey is a class 12th student from the Heeralal Patel International School, Kanpur 

Achievement - Developed a platform to create awareness about cybercrime 

Cybercrime has become a clear and present threat in our increasingly interconnected digital world. From data breaches and identity theft to malware attacks and online scams, these crimes exploit vulnerabilities in our digital systems and target individuals, businesses, and even governments. The consequences can be devastating, leading to financial losses, reputational damage, and even personal harm.

Shruti’s Initiative to Battle Against Cybercrimes

Shruti initiated the ProtectHerOnline project, a dedicated website aimed at assisting victims of cybercrime. More than just a cyber helpline, ProtectHerOnline serves as a beacon of hope and empowerment for women and young children confronting the distressing realities of cybercrimes in India.

Shruti’s team comprises over 20 dedicated volunteers who tirelessly provide assistance and support to victims. They equip them with the necessary tools and knowledge to effectively combat and report cybercrimes. 

ProtectHerOnline goes beyond merely offering a sympathetic ear; it also helps victims navigate the complicated legal and technical aspects of cybercrime complaints, ensuring that justice is served.

Shruti’s initiative is aimed at addressing a crucial gap in the support network for victims of cybercrimes against women and young children in India. By delivering accessible and comprehensive assistance, she not only aids individual victims but also contributes to the broader fight against cyber exploitation and harassment.


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Impact of ProtectHerOnline

Shruti's project, ProtectHerOnline, isn't just a website; it's a lifeline. Since its launch in 2022, it has become a ray of hope for thousands of women and children facing the consequences of cybercrime.

Over 7,000 individuals have found empowerment through Shruti’s initiative. ProtecHerOnline’s resources, workshops, and legal support have helped people gain justice. 

ProtectHerOnline's impact goes beyond individual stories. With over 1,500 cybercrime cases addressed, it has become a force for justice, holding violators accountable and advocating for legislative change. This number isn't just a statistic; it represents countless hours of dedicated work and the vision to create a safe digital space. 

Shruti Pandey is a finalist for Most Socially-Relevant Initiative because of her visionary commitment to empower victims of cybercrime and the overarching goal of creating a secure digital environment.

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