• Award Category: Outstanding Educational Leader
  • Introduction: Mr. Shiv Kumar is the founder of Bihar's Biggest Professional Learning Community Teachers of Bihar- The Change Makers.
  • Achievement: Built Teachers of Bihar – India's first Professional Learning community of the teachers, by the teachers, and for the teachers.

Teachers are agents of change; they shape the future of not only a child but of a country. But when you are entrusted with such a big responsibility, it is also important for you to be able to look after your own growth and evolve as an educator in changing times. To help the teachers do so, Shiv Kumar decided to create Teachers of Bihar – a professional learning community by the teachers and for the teachers.

Teachers of Bihar – Professional Learning Community

Teachers of Bihar is an innovative platform for the teachers, by the teachers, and for the teachers. The initiative which was launched with the aim of bringing to fore the excellent work done by teachers in the state has now transformed into a professional community where teachers network and connect with each other to learn and improve themselves. Within three years of its inception, this initiative has garnered the support of over 70000+ Teachers, 50000+ Students, and 20000+ other members.

Why Teachers of Bihar?

According to Shiv, Teachers of Bihar is not only a group or community, it is an ideological initiative that is aimed at improving the education landscape in the state. Teachers across Bihar have been doing tremendous work in their schools, classrooms, and in different educational forums, to ensure students get the best education possible. Teachers of Bihar was founded with the goal of showcasing the significant work being done by the teachers in the state and inspiring others to join in this cause towards achieving excellence in education.

School on Mobile: Shiv Kumar and his Team at Teachers of Bihar were one of the first groups to mobilize their teachers to start online classes for government school students in the state. Launched under the banner of ‘School on Mobile (SoM), over the last two years, Teachers of Bihar has launched 4 waves of SoM with over 150+ teachers offering online classes to thousands of government school students with their limited resources. SoM initiative has been praised by many organizations like NCERT, CIET, SCERT Bihar, BEPC Bihar, and UNICEF Bihar.

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The SoM Initiative had four key features, i.e.,

  • Live Classes: Live Teaching on the Facebook page of the group
  • Sunday Funday: Learning through Fun – Edutainment sessions
  • Quiz: Quiz based assessment for students of different classes
  • e-Sangarh: Collection of e-content and study materials in one place

In addition to SoM for teaching, the Teachers of Bihar also conducted online assessments of students during the pandemic. So far, the group has assessed over 12500+ children through different online exams and assessment programmes.

Teachers of Bihar Facebook Page: Another major initiative of the group during the pandemic was the launch of its Facebook Group called Teachers of Bihar- The Change Makers where 55K members from all over Bihar shared their own school's activities and interventions at one place. Presently 300+ activities and posts are shared and managed every day on this group.

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DiwasGyaan: ‘DiwasGyan’ is a monthly series in which past events related to each day are presented in a unique way. It is not just a collection of information but a systematic guide to link the importance of every day with our curriculum and syllabus. It consists of mapping each day's historical event with textbooks that one can easily understand.

Let’s Talk: ‘Let's talk’ is a very popular teacher’s talk show. In this program, members of the group interact with experts from different fields and seek their opinion on contemporary and relevant issues related to education. The talk show has been very popular in getting diverse perspectives on issues that are plaguing the education system of the state.

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Balmanch e-Magazine: Teachers of Bihar also published a monthly e-magazine called ‘BALMANCH’. Specially created for young children, the magazine contains stories, poems, and drawings made by students from all over the state.

'Shiksha-Shruti' Podcast: Shiv and his team have recently launched a podcast series called 'Shiksha-Shruti'. This by the teachers, for the teachers audio feature, allows teachers to present their ideas in a creative way through the audio medium. The podcast has been helping in making the teaching community aware of several pressing issues and also suggesting possible remedies for the same.

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Mr. Shiv Kumar is a finalist for the Outstanding Educational Leader Award Because… he founded an independent teachers’ network for transforming the education sphere in Bihar. Today, Teachers of Bihar has become a knowledge-sharing platform for teachers and one of the largest online professional learning communities in India.

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