• Award Category: Best Initiative (For Mental Health Awareness)
  • Introduction: Saurabh Nanda is the Founder and Director of SN Mentoring
  • Achievement: Launched a Series of Online Initiative to Help Students Manage their Mental Well-Being amid the Pandemic.

Soon after the imposition of lockdown, one of Saurabh Nanda’s ex-students informed him about his need for counselling and help. He was homosexual and his parents were not supportive of his choice. The father also organized many 'yagnas' for taking away his son's gayness. This shook Saurabh to the core. He had never felt so helpless in life. Also, with the cases of domestic abuse and cyber-bullying on the rise during the lockdown, he took it upon himself to take matters into his own hands and help youngsters suffering from mental health problems.

To build a society where everyone can get the support that they need, Saurabh Nanda started a podcast - Such Conversations Matter to spread mental health awareness. To raise awareness about mental health concerns and reduce the stigma associated with mental illness he also conducted various webinars on Cyber Bullying, Cyber Security.

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Podcast and Webinars

During the 2nd wave of the pandemic, he invited Dr. Arti Anand, a clinical psychologist from Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, and published 3 episodes discussing depression during the lockdown, cyberbullying, patriarchy, and domestic abuse. In the second season of Such Conversations Matter, he invited Pallavi Khanna, a psychologist who has worked with high school and UG students including NIT Jalandhar for 10+ years.

Since the initial days of lockdown, he has taken more than 100 webinars on Cyber Bullying, Cyber Security, and using Social Media for high schools all over Delhi-NCR and Pilani, Meerut, Jalandhar, Sanawar, and international schools in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, addressing over 4000 students, teachers, and parents. He is also planning to conduct different activities in Jalandhar and Punjab related to Mental Health in 2022. These activities would be in association with local and international organizations based out of Europe and Japan.

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He has written an article on Cyber-Bullying which was published at JagranJosh.com and it was used as the primary resource by Media studies students studying at Indraprastha College for Women in DU. In June 2021, he was invited by Punjab Police and Sage Advice to Speak on the "Young & Restless: A Look into Today’s Youth Issues" webinar where he highlighted the need for role models and mentorship for Punjab's lost youngsters.

In association with Pratham Test Prep, he organized and moderated the Principal Round Table and in episode 2, he moderated the discussion on "Cyber Etiquette for the New Generation" with principals from Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata. He was also a part of many students led movements campaigns on Instagram. Also, he has done a series of Insta Lives around Mental Health and Careers with psychotherapist PallaveePurie called "the Feeling Iceberg"

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Saurabh Nanda is a finalist for Best Initiative (For Mental Health Awareness) Because...he has made ensuring the mental well-being of students his life’s mission. Using digital tools and platforms, Saurabh reached out to youth helping spread awareness about mental health. His work has impacted over 17000+ students and young professionals in the last decade.

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