• Award Category: Outstanding Educational Leader
  • Introduction: Sarvest Mishra, M.P.S. Moorghat Distt, Basti, UP/Founder EduleadersUP
  • Achievement: Trained over 4,50,000 teachers to use online and digital tools through the EduLeadersUP Initiative during the COVID-19 Period

During the pandemic, education in rural areas of the country took a backseat as teachers as well as students were neither equipped nor had the skills to use technology for remote learning. To help such teachers, Dr. Sarvest Mishra, an eminent educationist, launched an initiative called “Edu-leaders UP”. Under the initiative, he trained 250 teachers from all 75 districts of Uttar Pradesh on skills and techniques of online teaching. 


In past one year, Education in India has undergone a dramatic change, moving from real world classrooms to a virtual setting. As schools work hard to adjust to the digital classroom, teachers struggle to adapt to the new normal of teaching. Dr. Sarvest Mishra of Uttar Pradesh assessed and realized the need for training the local teachers in digital skills and came up with the idea of “Edu-Leaders UP”. The initiative helped the teachers across the state and enabled them to not just conduct online classes but interact with their students over social platforms. 

What is “Edu Leaders UP”?

During the month of March 2020, the schools were shut due to the COVID-19 outbreak. This adversely impacted education across the nation. Dr. Mishra analyzed this challenge during a talk-show where he was invited as a panellist. The show was being held through the online meeting method and Mishra saw this as an innovation that could be utilized to ensure academic continuity and enhance the teaching process. This is what led to the inception of the “Edu-Leaders UP” Initiative. The initiative was also supported by Mrs. Lalita Pradeep, Director SIET, UP Government.

In the following week, he created a team of 250 teachers from the 75 districts of Uttar Pradesh and enabled them with the latest edutech skills. He certified these 250 teachers as master trainers who were trained on three broad topics - Learning Student Assessment, School Leadership and use of ICT in education. These workshops were conducted via online platform - Microsoft Teams which enabled these 250 teachers to learn all the new concepts and methods of e-learning, online teaching, and student assessment among others. These master trainers were then sent out to help train other educators and improve their digital skills and to aid them in holding online classes for students.

Impact of the “Edu Leader UP” initiative

“Edu-Leaders UP” was formally launched in March 2020 wherein 250 master trainers were readied. These trainers then started holding webinars for educators from across the state from April 2020 onwards. The training went on until Sept 2020. Through the various workshops, webinars and classes conducted by these master trainers, more than 43000 teachers across the state were trained in digital skills. Many of the teachers who benefited from these webinars were the ones who had no prior knowledge about technology or smartphones could now easily conduct online classes using them. 

Edu Leaders UP Award 2020

In order to honour the teachers who relentlessly worked hard and upgraded their skill set to help their students, Dr. Mishra organized the Edu Leader Awards 2020. For the awards, master trainers from 75 districts of the state were asked to nominate 5 best teachers from their district who are exceptionally contributing towards the young students. Out of all the nominated, 2 best teachers from each district were awarded with the “Edu Leader Award”. The awards were hosted online and Dr Satish Chandra Dwivedi, Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Primary education was invited as the Chief Guest. 

Sarvest Mishra is a finalist for Outstanding Educational Leader Award Because…

While most students and teachers have adapged well to the new normal of online teaching, it must be acknowledged and accepted that the transition from traditional to a virtual classroom is often not smooth and takes significant training and effort. Dr. Sarvest Mishra not just realised this need but also executed targeted initiatives to help the teachers get acquainted with the new teaching method in a short period of time.

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