• Award Category: Best Initiative (Edutainment – Making Learning Fun)
  • Introduction: Sarala Jain is a High School Assistant Academic Co-Ordinator at Carmel High School, Bengaluru.
  • Achievement: Initiated creative activity-based learning strategies in the classroom

Activity-based learning is a pedagogy that makes students' learning experience more interesting and engaging. Sarala Jain, Assistant Academic Co-Ordinator at Carmel High School, Bengaluru, is one such educator who has incorporated this learning technique in her teaching methodology, helping her students learn better. 

Activity-based learning

Sarala Jain started conducting interesting activities such as role play, KBC in the classroom, art activities, dumb charades, mime acts, etc., to clear the concepts of Hindi Grammar to the students. Students in her class started enjoying these activities with better results and increased engagement levels in the class. 

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Initiatives and Impact

According to the testimonials shared by her students, the new activities have helped them make the “boring” interesting. They are not only able to enjoy the classes but also implement the learning in their daily lives, effortlessly. 

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According to the fellow teachers in her school, Sarala's innovative style of teaching Hindi Grammar has helped students in building their learning power. Her colleagues have applauded the interest and engagement of her students in her classes. 

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  • In 2018 and 2016, she has been awarded the Teaching Excellence Award by the S.Chand Group.
  • In 2016-17, she has been recognised by the ICEDC for her significant contribution to Career Education, Identity and Advanced Life Skills Development of young people in schools
  • In 2014, she has been awarded the Teacher Awards for Innovative Teaching (TAFIT) organized by the Times Foundation, the Teacher Foundation and Gems B School.

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Sarala Jain is a finalist for Best Initiative (Edutainment – Making Learning Fun) because she makes learning fun for her students through her expressive style and innovative teaching strategies like role plays, KBC in the classroom and learning through games and sports in the Hindi language.

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