Award Category - Most Socially-Relevant Initiative

Introduction - Sahiti Radha is a class 11th student from the Future Kids School, Hyderabad

Achievement - Developed E-Cycl India - a solution for managing e-waste

E-waste, short for electronic waste, is a rapidly growing problem with significant environmental and health implications. It includes discarded electrical and electronic devices, from old computers and smartphones to broken appliances and televisions. These items often contain valuable materials like rare earth metals and gold, but also hazardous substances like lead and mercury. Improper disposal of e-waste can lead to toxic chemicals leaching into soil and water, harming ecosystems and human health. 

Sahiti’s Solution to E-waste

Alarmed by the mountains of toxic e-waste choking Hyderabad and the difficult state of affected sanitation workers, young Sahiti decided to fight back. She founded E-Cycl India, a student-led movement tackling the issue head-on. Through captivating awareness sessions, they educate communities about the hidden dangers of e-waste, its impact on health, and how to responsibly recycle it.


Till date, E-Cycl has diverted over 5,000 kilos of e-waste diverted from landfills, operations in 4 major cities with 150 "green ambassadors," improved health for 50 sanitation workers, and hundreds of empowered young changemakers. But Sahiti's vision extends further. By providing refurbished devices to underprivileged students, she’s bridging the digital divide and fostering a circular economy.

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Sahiti's dedication to tackle e-waste hasn't gone unnoticed. Her work has received honours like the Meta Young Climate Prize, Young Voices Award, and features in Telangana Today, The Pioneer, and Curriculum Magazine. Her story has been widely shared on LinkedIn and podcasts which inspires countless others.

Sahiti Radha is a finalist for Most Socially-Relevant Initiative because of her thoughtful approach to solving the problem of E-waste and her innovative solution - E-Cycl India - that not only manages e-waste but also provides refurbished gadgets to underprivileged students. 


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