Award Category - Most Innovative Use of Robotics

Introduction - Ria P Dey is a 4th Year student of Amity University, Noida 

Achievement - Developed a robotics solution for managing microplastic waste

Microplastics are tiny plastic particles that are smaller than a sesame seed. These particles are silently invading our world. They come from various sources, like plastic bags, synthetic clothes, and even facial scrubs. They lurk in our oceans, harming marine life, and are also found in our food and water, raising concerns about potential health risks. While the full extent of their impact is still being studied, one thing is clear: microplastics pose a growing threat to our planet and ourselves. 

Ria’s Solution to Minimize Microplastics Waste

Ria is committed to fight against microplastics and has created an innovative solution: Aquarius, an AI-powered and fully autonomous underwater vehicle. This robotic wonder can detect and collect harmful microparticles. 


Aquarius is powered by multiple proximity sensors that help it in navigating waterways with ease. It also features a camera for underwater filming and a self-charging system that harvests thermal energy. To accurately identify microparticles, the vehicle utilizes IR spectroscopy and advanced AI powered by a Convolutional Neural Network.

Aquarius also promotes deep-sea exploration with two-way communication between units and a smart power management system that offers 6-hour endurance.


While organisations are trying to tackle water conservation and pollution on various grounds, Ria and her team have developed a unique weapon to fight against microplastics. Instead of traditional net-based methods requiring divers and fishermen, Aquarius autonomously detects and collects these miniature menaces. This not only reduces physical labour but also offers greater efficiency and scalability.


Ria's innovative project has garnered her well-deserved recognition from prestigious organisations and institutions.

  • Samsung Solve For Tomorrow Top 10 Innovations/Solvers: Ria's project stood out among several  entries in the Samsung Solve For Tomorrow competition, earning her a spot amongst the top 10 innovations. 
  • Top 10 at R&D Symposium- IIT Kharagpur: Achieving a top 10 position at the prestigious R&D Symposium at IIT Kharagpur speaks volumes about the scientific merit and innovation behind Aquarius. 
  • Acknowledged by G. Satheesh Reddy Scientific Adviser to Raksha Mantri (the Minister of Defence): Receiving acknowledgement from such a distinguished figure in the scientific community highlights the potential of Aquarius to contribute to significant societal advancements.

Ria P Dey is a finalist for Most Innovative Use of Robotics because of her innovative solution that addresses the problem of microplastics and contributes to sustainable development. 

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