• Award Category: Best Initiative (For Grassroots Service)
  • Introduction: Ramendra Singh Kushwaha is a Physics Lecturer at Swami Vivekanand Inter College, Sahar, Auraiya, Uttar Pradesh 
  • Achievement: Conducted Street Classes & Online classes for Underprivileged Students to teach them science in an interesting way.

Ramendra Singh Khushwaha is a Physics Lecturer at Swami Vivekanand Inter College, Sahar, Auraiya, Uttar Pradesh. He studied and excelled at academics and earned an M.Sc. (Physics), B.Ed. degree. To educate the students coming from rural areas, Ramendra started a unique programme named Street Class. This was aimed at raising awareness amongst students about the various scholarship programmes and “virtual schools”. 

Activities / Initiatives

Ramendra conducted village to village Street Classes during the COVID-19 pandemic to educate underprivileged students. He also made a WhatsApp group and YouTube channel - Baal Vigyan Guru, to keep the school children connected with their studies.

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During the street classes, he along with his staff members conducted a one-hour "Science Show" based on scientific experiments. He explained the science behind the various experiments that include drinking juice from a straw, filling water in an air-tight bottle using a funnel, filling a bucket with a siphon, magic bottle, lifting two boxes instead of one, revolving bucket without spilling water, blowing bubbles, and performing small experiments related to force, pressure, friction, rotation, revolution, internal revolution, differentiation, etc. 

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Along with this, he also shared information about various schemes such as Navodaya, Inspire Award, Student Science Manthan, National Talent Search Examination, National Income and Scholarship Scheme, and Adolescent Scientific Encouragement Schemes with his students so they avail the opportunities not readily available to those from marginalized sections of the society.

Ramendra Singh Kushwaha is a finalist for Best Initiative (For Grassroots Service) because of his efforts and dedication towards teaching underprivileged students using Street classes, a YouTube Channel and WhatsApp groups, in rural areas during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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