Award Category - Best Initiative (Community Service) 

Introduction - Praveen Kumar Mishra is an educator teaching grades 6th to 8th at U.P.S.Belkur, Uttar Pradesh

Achievement - Launched an initiative to provide scholarships to deserving students from low-income families. 


Praveen Kumar launched the Haunslon Ki Udaan campaign in 2018 to bridge the financial gap for underprivileged students and unlock their academic potential. He recognised the power of education and the challenges faced by many families in affording it. The campaign's major goal is to provide scholarships to students who often find their dreams obstructed by financial constraints. 

Praveen began this initiative by encouraging students from his school to participate in the National Income and Merit-Based Scholarship Examination. During his research he found that the scholarship targets students in class 8 from council schools who passed class 7 with a minimum of 55% marks, and whose parents' annual income was less than ₹3,50,000. 

Upon selection, the students receive ₹1000 per month throughout classes 9 to 12. This proves to be a significant help for students to continue their education uninterrupted.

To enhance awareness and support, Praveen harnessed technology, creating YouTube videos and WhatsApp groups to inform teachers across the district about the scholarship application process. 

Utilizing crowdfunding via social media, he sought financial support for the purchase of competitive exam books. These books were subsequently distributed to school children, successfully reaching schools in 21 blocks of the district. The Chief Development Officer played a crucial role in supporting the initiative, addressing administrative challenges, and committing to assist in the application process.


Praveen’s Haunslon Ki Udaan campaign gained success and attracted additional teachers which helped him form a collaborative team. Their objective was to ensure participation of at least 1000 children from the district in the 2021 scholarship examination.

The initiative is gaining massive success with a growing number of students actively participating in scholarship examinations. In 2023, 3847 students from the district appeared for the scholarship examination. Out of these, 1332 students passed and filled all 307 available seats. Through this initiative, Praveen was successful in disbursing approximately ₹1 crore 47 lakh in scholarships.

Praveen Kumar is a finalist for Best Initiative (Community Service) because of this community service initiative which enabled students from low-income families to pursue their education and look forward to a better future. 


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