• Award Category: Most Innovative Use of Science & Technology
  • Introduction: Om Prakash Patidar is a higher secondary school teacher at Govt. Excellent School Shajapur, Madhya Pradesh.
  • Achievement: Implemented Innovative Practices to Encourage Creativity in Science Teaching and Learning.

Om Prakash Patidar is a higher secondary teacher at Govt. Excellent School Shajapur, Madhya Pradesh. He implemented various innovative practices for making the teaching-learning process joyful through the development of eContent and ICT tools to enhance creativity in the teaching and learning of Science. His creative ideas inspire many and create an environment of innovation in his school.


He prepared five eContent elements in the studio section of CIET-NCERT, New Delhi, and Regional Institute of Education (RIE) Bhopal of NCERT, during the COVID-19 pandemic. He also participated in panel discussions on the challenges and their solutions in science teaching.

  • Explaining concepts of Chromatography through Chalk Chromatography
  • Sex determination in humans
  • Explaining capillarity in plants by activity
  • Algodoo: A Tool for Encouraging Creativity in Science Teaching and Learning
  • Explore Physics with Algodoo

Development of E-Content

With the intent to provide teachers e-content during the COVID-19 pandemic, tutorials for different teaching tools were telecasted each day from 4 to 5 pm with the help of NCERT-CIET's online webinars.

In this series, his e-content on Algodoo: A Tool for Encouraging Creativity in Science Teaching and Learning was telecasted on the official YouTube channel of the NCERT and Doordarshan’s Swayaprabha channel.

Om Prakash’s Innovative Experiments

For improved effects of his teaching on students, Mr Patidar utilises innovative learning experiments, such as

  • E-Shiksha: With the cooperation of the district administration and education department, a special free program called "E-Shiksha" was conducted for the 10th grade students of selected government schools in the Shajapur district, aiming to provide quality education through innovative teaching methods and science education. 
  • Concept Development Program: He conducted the Concept Development Program to help students in secondary and higher secondary schools to understand the basic concepts of science. Patidar, along with his team members of the science club of his school, visited nearby schools and used simple and enjoyable experiments to explain the fundamental concepts of science.
  • Social Media Platforms - Modern Day Resource for Teaching-Learning: With the help of social media, not only the students of his school but also students from other cities and countries can now learn science in a fun and interesting way. He created Facebook groups, YouTube channels to provide educational content.
  • Teaching/Learning Materials (TLM): Teachers are encouraged by the participation of students in skill-related activities/competitions along with participating in training sessions that are conducted from time to time for their professional development.

Other innovative Learning Techniques used by Patidar are Science with Fun, Evaluation through ICT Tools, Online-Virtual Lab and Science behind Innovations 

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  • He has been awarded with the National ICT Award for Teachers 2017 by the Department of School Education and Literacy.

Om Prakash Patidar is a finalist for Most Innovative Use of Science & Technology because he incorporated the use of eContent and ICT Tools to increase the creativity level of the students in Science teaching and learning.

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