• Award Category: Student Ambassador (Popular Choice)
  • Introduction: Mudit is a 3rd Year Student at Shaheed Bhagat Singh Evening College, University of Delhi
  • Achievement: Mudit founded PLAN_IT_4U – a Youth Event Management Firm, which is helping college students gain financial independence with their skills.

The youth constitute 22% of India’s population, which is more than 261 million people. The youth of a nation are the leaders of tomorrow and so it is vital to not only educate them but also instil good values in them. The role of the youth in nation-building is pivotal and Mudit Pathak, a 3rd Year student at Shaheed Bhagat Singh Evening College, Delhi University discovered this early on. After realizing how the youth were struggling financially to meet their expenses, he decided to launch PLAN_IT_4U – a Youth Event Management Firm. Through this, Mudit is providing part-time jobs and internships to college-going youth.

PLAN_IT_4U – An Event Management Firm by the Youth, for the Youth

Mudit, started his career when he was in his 1st year of college. He started his Sole Proprietary event management firm by the name of PLAN_IT_4U registered under the government of India. Also, it is India's first event management company that is run by the youth. The reason behind beginning this startup is to provide part-time jobs and internships to all the college-going youth and to connect them with the corporate world.

Another objective of this start-up is to help the youth become financially independent and learn practical things. The company is currently bootstrapped, but depending on the need, may approach investors for funding in the future.

Impact of PLAN_IT_4U      

The organisation has impacted 1000+ youths and with a team of 100+ interns that are wary in number depending on the need. The motivation behind PLAN_IT_4U was to empower the youth by giving them Corporate Exposure from the very basic level to increase their practical knowledge. Mudit and his team have worked with Nasiruddin Shah, Pankaj Kapoor, Geeta Dutta, and other celebrities from reality shows.

As of now, PLAN_IT_4U has completed 10 nationally recognized events. They have organized various events including the Delhi Theatre festival, Modelling events, dance events, collaboration with Delhi University colleges to support their events.

Other Initiatives for the betterment of students’ community and society

ARTISTIC_BYNATURE: Mudit created a platform for artists to learn, earn and grow. This platform organized regular events for budding artists and allowed them to collaborate and learn from each other while also exploring new art forms.

THEYOGI_GANG: Mudit believes that empowering Youth is the primary need of the hour as it would lay a strong foundation for India’s bright tomorrow. Along these lines, he also started the THEYOGI_GANG initiative under which workshops and training were organized in different schools and colleges regarding practical education. THEYOGI_GANG held workshops on several key topics and issues of interest to the youth such as Menstrual Hygiene, Entrepreneurship, and the Art of Volunteering.

Poems Published: Mudit has also written and published a series of poems that help him express his ideas and vision for the future. The link to some of his poems are given below:

Click Here to Listen to क्या तुम सुन रही हो Poem by Mudit Pathak

Click Here to Listen to BHARAT GIRL_UP Poem by Mudit Pathak

Click Here to Listen to Mothers DayPoem by Mudit Pathak

Books Published: Mudit has also published two books that help express his creative side:


Click Here to Read Khwaish: A one-sided love story

BHARAT_GIRLUP Initiative and Impact

During COVID-19 lockdown, Mudit Pathak & Pranjul Tyagi jointly started this initiative under United Nations Foundation. BHARAT_GIRLUP is an initiative to empower women. Initially, they both started alone but then they started taking volunteers and eventually ended up being a team of 100 team members from different schools, colleges. They organized campaigns, events, workshops, talk shows, seminars, sessions, summer camps to empower and spread equality. It's been more than a year since BHARAT_GIRLUP started. They have impacted youths of schools by creating a safe environment for both boys and girls to talk about periods, Menstrual hygiene, sex.

Mudit Pathak is a finalist for Student Ambassador (Popular Choice) Because… he firmly believes in the power of youth and is working to enable them to be better citizens for tomorrow. Be it through this start-up or other student-centric activities, Mudit has helped college-going youths tobecome financially independent and gain practical knowledge to face the corporate world. 

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