• Award Category: Outstanding Educational Leader
  • Introduction: Mr Anand Kishore, Chairman – Bihar School Examination Board
  • Achievement: Multiple Innovations and Extensive Reforms in Examination Systems and Processes in Bihar School Examination Board

Until two years back, Bihar Board and the overall school education system was infamous for having slow-paced manual processes with several cases of rampant corruption and irregularities being reported time and again. In 2018, Mr Anand Kishore was appointed as the Chairman of the Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB), following which he has worked on mission mode to transform the Bihar Board and bring it not only at par with others, but in fact exceed on several parameters. He continued his reformative work during 2020 even as pandemic and lockdown made regular operations challenging for the board.


Declaration of Board Results in Record Time: Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, in 2020, Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) ensured that it was the first board in the country to declare Intermediate Results for Class 12 Students. For the 2020 session, BSEB broke its own record of announcing the result in 28 days, last year, and took three fewer days to declare intermediate exam results in 25 days. This achievement is even more significant considering that the evaluation process was halted due to the lockdown and social distancing owing to the coronavirus pandemic in India.

Technology Driven Innovations

  • Introduction of OMR Sheets: One of the key technology driven reforms introduced by Mr Kishore was introduction of OMR-based Answer Booklets for the BSEB Board Exams, which played a vital role in eliminating exam irregularities and malpractices.
  • Digital Processing of Result Data: For Bihar Board Exams, over 3.6 Crore pre-printed answer booklets (with OMR cover) and OMR sheets which contained multiple contained Barcodes and Litho-codes, which can be scanned with high-speed scanners were used. This made digital processing of result data possible with the use of information technology and in turn expedited the process of declaration of Bihar Board Results with the highest degree of accuracy.
  • Dedicated Data Centre: Bihar School of Examination Board established state of the art Data Centre with a capacity of 200 TB for safe record keeping and for smooth running of IT enabled applications of BSEB. This will also enable BSEB to run software/computer applications that require high speed data transfer and data encryption/security.

Administrative Expansion

BSEB has established nine regional offices in all divisional headquarters of Bihar for decentralization of work. It has also set up a regional office in New Delhi to help students from Bihar, based in Delhi NCR. As a result, now students don’t need to come to Patna for all their works related to BSEB, like issue of duplicate marksheet, migration certificate, because all their works are now done at these Regional Offices only.

Infrastructure Enhancements

Nine Mega Examination Centres have been constructed in 09 Divisional Headquarters of Bihar, where around five thousand (in each centre) students shall be able to take examinations under CCTV surveillance and most importantly through Webcasting. The examinations can be monitored through control rooms set up at BSEB Headquarter in Patna and also at respective Control Rooms of District Magistrates.

BSEB has sanctioned the Largest Examination Complex of India- the “BSEB Pariksha Parisar”- in Patna at the cost of Rs 263.40 crores, with the total capacity of around 25,000 students- i.e. around 20,000 student capacity for offline examinations and around 5,000 student capacity for online examinations. This “BSEB Pariksha Parisar” will be having state of the art features, with advanced control and vigilance mechanism like CCTV cameras, webcasting, advanced control centre etc, which will be very useful in conducting examinations in a totally fair and strict manner.

Digitisation of Records of last 37 years

The BSEB has digitised Records of students who have passed Matric & Intermediate Examinations from the BSEB for eliminating malpractices. The records of students have been digitised for the last 37 years (from 1983 till 2020), which has achieved multiple purposes.

Quizzes and Olympiads

In a bid to promote Analytical & Extra Curricular Activities among BSEB Students, the Bihar School Examination Board is organising QUIZZES and OLYMPIADS at School, District, Divisional and State Levels from the year 2019. These OLYMPIADS are being organised in Science, Mathematics and English subjects, which attracted a large number of students. In this way, organising such competitions is sowing seeds of all round development of the students of Bihar Board. In the year 2019, BSEB distributed prizes of about Rs. 1.05 Crore, among the winners of Quizzes and Olympiads at School, District, Divisional and State Levels.

Mr Anand Kishore is a finalist for Outstanding Educational Leader because

Despite the challenges of the pandemic and lockdown, he has continued with his mission and implemented a series of innovative reforms and introduced technology enabled solutions in the working of BSEB during the last year. These transformative changes have helped Bihar Board emerge as one of the fastest growing school boards in the country, not only in terms of operational efficacy but also in the overall quality of education being imparted in the state. Mr Kishore, in true sense embodies the spirit of an outstanding Educational Leader, whose actions will impact not only the present but also the future of lakhs of students from Bihar.

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