• Award Category: Most Promising Talent
  • Introduction: Mokshaa Tejashwini is a final-year BDS student at Sri Ramachandra Dental College
  • Achievement: A Bharatanatyam enthusiast who runs a dance institution with 150+ students. Uses sign language to instruct children with special needs.

Mokshaa Tejashwini is a final-year student at Sri Ramachandra Dental College in Chennai. She is pursuing her Bachelors of Dental Surgery. Mokshaa is also a trained Bharatanatyam dancer who runs her dance school, Mokshaa Institute of Dance with more than 150 students. 


  • Mokshaa operates her dance institute in Chennai with over 150 students. Adults and seniors over 50 years of age have also enrolled for Bharatanatyam at Mokshaa Institute of Dance.
  • She also teaches the dance form to students with special needs using sign language. Deaf, dumb, and physically challenged students are also a part of the dance institute.
  • Mokshaa has made it to the Rabaa Book of World Records 2023 for making more than 60 students perform Bharathanatyam for 30 minutes.
  • She is also a choreographer for several YouTube channels and has also been teaching dance to numerous doctors from Ramachandra Medical College.
  • To raise awareness of breastfeeding and social issues, Mokshaa choreographed a performance to spark awareness among people. With the help of Bharatanatyam, she brought forth not just artistic brilliance but also a profound message of social change.
  • Mokshaa has also started carnatic music classes for students interested in learning music.


  • The 2023 Rabaa Book Of World Records
  • Natya Viruksham Award 2022
  • Most Iconic Find Of The Year 2023
  • She Digital Honor
  • Youngest Classical Dancer Of The Year 2023 


Mokshaa Tejashwini is a finalist for the Most Promising Talent award because she is a talented classical dancer who is pursuing her passion along with her academics. She treats her senior students and those with special needs equally. Through her dance, Mokshaa also aims to make people socially aware and responsible. 

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