• Award Category: Best Initiative (For Grassroots Service)
  • Introduction: Mayank Sharma is an educator associated with the organisation - Param Shakti Sewa Sanstha, Delhi
  • Achievement: Helped 5000+ students in making informed career choices 

Choosing the right career path is crucial for students to be able to make correct decisions in their academic journey and professional life. However, not all students receive exposure to the required guidance that can help them make the right choices. Mayank Sharma is an individual who has been working extensively to provide the much-required career guidance to such students who are deprived of the benefits of the mainstream education system.  

How Did It Start?

Once when Mayank was invited to take a career counselling and guidance session for 10th-class students in a Delhi government school, one of the students requested more support and proper guidance for achieving his dream of being in the Indian Administrative Services. However, he was  struggling with the lack of guidance, poverty and family issues. Noticing many students who lack proper guidance and support for pursuing their dream, Mayank realised the need for guidance and counselling and the large gap which eludes many students from choosing an ideal path and decided to help such students.

Mayank’s Initiatives

Since 2015, Mayank has been organising career counselling seminars/ workshops for students with the help of volunteers.

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To date, Mayank Sharma has conducted 200+ counselling workshops for high school and senior secondary school students, impacting over 5000 students directly in 25+ government and government-aided schools in Delhi region, and other states like Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. 

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Under the Delhi Government Mentorship Program, Mayank has conducted career workshops for 550+ female students.

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Working with Gulab Singh Jan Kalyan Samiti in Panna, Madhya Pradesh as facilitator and advisor, Mayank has helped in setting up and running schools in one of the most underserved areas in India since 2020.

Mayank is also a Youth Guide and Mentor for Village Square (https://www.villagesquare.in/), Freedom Employability Association (https://feaindia.org/), Karta Initiative (https://www.karta-initiative.org/).

Mayank’s Vision

Working on a low-cost-counselling model, ideal for students from marginalised backgrounds, Maynak is looking to impact close to a million students in the next 5 years. 

Mayank aims to build teams of volunteers from different professional backgrounds in different parts of the country. He wants to make counselling affordable and available for all. 

Mayank Sharma is a finalist in the Best Initiative For Grassroots Service because of his firm determination to democratise Career Councilling and for students from all strata of society. His guidance to students has already helped many and has the potential to help many more.

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