Award Category - Best Initiative (Community Service)

Introduction - Mayank Sharma is an educator who teaches high school and college  students. 

Achievement - Created a website to help underprivileged students and established a school for them 


Mayank Sharma has established Jagriti Foundation which is a website that serves as a platform for various initiatives. Jagriti Foundation is a non-governmental organisation that is committed to fostering positive changes in education and the environment for young individuals. The organisation concentrates on offering assistance and opportunities to students from marginalised backgrounds, concurrently advocating for sustainable practices and minimising environmental footprints.  

As the co-founder of the Jagriti Foundation, Mayank is also a certified career counsellor affiliated with the National Career Counselling Network and Career Naksha. 

Since 2015, Mayank’s commitment to societal betterment has led him to work tirelessly with grassroots communities across multiple states and districts in India. He has been collaborating with social organisations such as Sewa Bharti and Freedom Employability Academy, which aim to promote equity and inclusivity in society. 

Mayank has been organising career counselling seminars/ workshops for students with the help of volunteers.

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His dedicated team of over 10 core members and 100+ volunteers collaborates on community initiatives for environmental and social justice. 

He has also diversified his efforts to align with the objectives of NEP 2020, by integrating skills, industry connect, and employability initiatives. 

Mayank has incorporated an AI-based counselling tool known as to extend their reach to underserved areas and provide personalised guidance to students. Furthermore, Mayank and his team offer free/discounted library study spaces for students from marginalised backgrounds. 


Mayank also launched an initiative called  'ACCESS' that has facilitated higher education opportunities for tribal students in Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, and Madhya Pradesh. He was further engaged in youth counselling in Okinawa, Japan, for 6 months, delivering a career counselling model in collaboration with social worker Miki San and conducting career workshops for female students under the Delhi Government Mentorship Programme.

His major initiative is a low-cost school that is established in the underserved district of Panna, Madhya Pradesh, in collaboration with Gulab Singh Jan Kalyan Samiti during the pandemic. 

Mayank recognised the lack of basic infrastructure and foundational literacy in existing schools, and started a school to address these issues, serving around 80 students initially. To ensure holistic growth, his team conducted bi-monthly workshops for teachers, introduced culturally sensitive pedagogy, engaged psychologists to enhance learning ability, and involved parents in their children's education.


Mayank’s initiative impacted over 6000 students directly in 25+ schools across Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, including prominent institutions like Arwachin Schools, Vidya Vihar Schools, Yogaway School, and government-aided schools.

His free/discounted library studying spaces for students has helped over 200 students enhance their educational journey.

To date, Mayank Sharma has conducted 200+ counselling workshops for high school and senior secondary school students, impacting over 5000 students directly in 25+ government and government-aided schools in Delhi region, and other states like Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. 

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Under the Delhi Government Mentorship Program, Mayank has conducted career workshops for 550+ female students.

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Working with Gulab Singh Jan Kalyan Samiti in Panna, Madhya Pradesh as facilitator and advisor, Mayank has helped in setting up and running schools in one of the most underserved areas in India since 2020.

Mayank is also a Youth Guide and Mentor for Village Square (, Freedom Employability Association (, Karta Initiative (


Jagriti Foundation has garnered recognition from leading organizations such as the National Career Counselor Network, Career Beacon, and Arwachin Schools.


Mayank Sharma is a finalist for Best Initiative (Community Service) because of his commitment to societal betterment by serving the underserved. 

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