• Award Category: Most Innovative Teaching Method
  • Introduction: Manish Kumar is an Environmentalist and District Coordinator of District Science Club and National Children’s Science Congress, Auraiya, Uttar Pradesh
  • Achievement: Initiated LetThemSpeak, Science Park, and short film projects to empower the students

Manish Kumar is a National Award-winning Teacher who strives to create an impactful learning environment for students. A National Science Communicator and an Environmentalist, Manish Kumar is associated with various innovations to shape confident students for the real world. He was the mind behind Spark, a science park open to the public to gain knowledge.


With 11 years of experience in the field of science and education, Manish Kumar has trained more than 4000 teachers across the country through the workshops organised by Vigyan Prasar. Currently, Manish Kumar is a District Coordinator of the District Science Club and National Children’s Science Congress in Auraiya, Uttar Pradesh. 


  • LetThemSpeakMore To Encourage Student Participation

To eradicate the fear of public speaking, Manish Kumar came up with the idea of LetThemSpeakMore. The initiative aimed at instilling confidence among students to fearlessly answer the questions asked in the classroom. Under this initiative, a student participates in the discussion and speaks about 80-90 percent during the session while the teacher limits his lecture to about 20 percent. This way Manish Kumar helps to build confidence, motivation, and intelligence among the students. 

  • Spark Science Park: Education Beyond Books

Manish built a science park for the public of Auraiya to help them experiment and gain knowledge. The construction of Spark: Wow To How Science Park enabled students to understand theoretical concepts in a practical manner and go beyond the conventional way of education. The park helps the visitors to ignite their ideas and learn how the waste items can be used to their best potential to create something innovative.

  • Short Films for Educational Impact

As films have a significant impact on the audience, including young students, Manish Kumar realised the strength of films and how they can contribute to the field of education. To eliminate fear and self-consciousness, Manish introduced some activities for students and recorded their participation. Seeing a good response from the audience, he came up with the idea of ​​making a short film on a social issue where the students would be the main actors. Films like Ummeed Ki Lau and Ruchi were recognised and awarded at the National Science Film Festival and the International Science Film Festival. As a result of such activities, students have become bold, confident, and keen learners on and off camera.


  • Received National Awards to Teachers by the President of India
  • Awarded Youth Icon 2020 by the Ministry of Sports, Youth, and Affairs
  • UP State Teacher Award 2018 by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath
  • Secured second place in the International Science Film Festival for the short film "RUCHI"
  • Received National Award in short filmmaking for short film “REFILL” by Vigyan Prasar in 2018
  • UP State ICT (Information of Communication and Technology) Award for making classroom teaching interesting 
  • Professor Yashpal Smrati State Award for Best (NCSC) District Coordinator


Manish Kumar is a finalist for the Most Innovative Teaching Method award because of his innovative efforts to increase student participation in the classroom and build confidence among them using speaking opportunities, science based learning and use of short films. 

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