• Award Category: Most Innovative Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Introduction: Manish Gupta is a Class 9 student of DAV School, Bhabua, Bihar
  • Achievement: Developed an automated water sprinkler system to make life easier for farmers

Manish Gupta has created an AI-based water sprinkler system for plants based on their soil moisture levels. He is a Class 9 student of DAV School, Bhabua, Bihar, who is the inventor of Prayag. The automated system aims to enhance efficiency and conserve water resources.


A cutting-edge innovation, Prayag, offers automated watering for plants and serves as a valuable is for farmers. Manish, the brains behind this invention, has built a system that intelligently activates the sprinkler system when the soil is detected to be dry and deactivates it once the plants have received an adequate amount of water.

Prayag incorporates some advanced safety features as well. Through the intuitive mobile app linked with the AI device, farmers gain real-time insights into soil moisture levels, receive timely fire alerts, and have access to supplementary functionalities. For instance, with the tap of a button within the app, a DC motor seamlessly disperses fertilizer across the fields, optimizing crop nutrition.

Moreover, Prayag boasts of an innovative animal detection feature. Upon detecting any intrusion by animals into the farm, it promptly alerts the farmer, allowing for swift action to protect the crops. Through this innovation, Manish aims to empower farmers with automated irrigation systems for the crops, proactive safety measures, and advanced monitoring capabilities. Manish also got the opportunity to demonstrate the working of his project to Sawan Kumar, DM of Kaimur, Bihar, and earned his appreciation.

Manish Gupta is a finalist for the Most Innovative Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) award because he has provided farmers with an innovative solution for maintaining and keeping a check on crops. With the help of AI, Manish’s solution has the potential to streamline the irrigation process for farmers, thereby making it more efficient and environmentally sustainable.

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