• Award Category: Best Use of Science & Technology
  • Introduction: Kritika Singh is a Class 9 Student of Amity International School, Saket, New Delhi
  • Achievement: Conceptualized Social Distancing Sensors which can help people follow COVID-19 safety protocol

According to health experts, one of the biggest defences against the highly contagious COVID-19 is social distancing, along with other precautions of wearing masks and following basic hand and respiratory hygiene. But, in a country of 1.3 Billion, ensuring social distancing is no easy task. This is why Kritika Singh – a Class 9 student of Amity International School, Saket, came-up with a unique concept of developing Social Distancing Sensors. Based on sound scientific principals these Photoelectric Proximity Sensors can be the key to helping people maintain safe physical distance between each other.


After the lockdown restrictions were lifted, social distancing was prescribed as the first line of defence against COVID-19 for people venturing into public places. But, despite the best efforts of governmental agencies and even conscious citizens, maintaining proper physical distance that can break the chain of COVID-19 infection was very difficult, especially in crowded urban areas of the country. This is what gave Kritikathe idea to develop a device that can help people maintain social distancing. Kritika’s Photoelectric Proximity Sensorcan warn two people wearing the same device when they come into close proximity.

Working Principal of the Device

Kritika explains that the idea is to make a device that will sense other users within its proximity, which is 2 meters and will sound a warning as soon as another device comes within its defined range. It will also form a 360-degree barrier and will have a two-way alert system, vibration and glow. The device calculates distance between two people wearing the sensor on the basis of simple scientific formula i.e. Distance = Velocity x Time. The infrared sensor of the device will continuously emit light rays that hit another sensor and capture the time taken and the velocity with which it was moving. The moment the distance is less than 2 meters, the alarm will be triggered, warning the person to take corrective action to maintain enough distance and thereby keeping them safe from the contagion.

The Detailed Project Report for the Device can be Found Here

Take a brief look at  the Working on the Device Here

Kritika Singh is a finalist for the Best Use of Science & Technology Award Because…

While phase-wise vaccination has already begun in India, in a country of 1.3 billion, inoculating enough people to break the chain and build herd immunity is likely to take some time. In the meanwhile, Kritika’s idea of a Photoelectric Proximity Sensor can help people to augment their first line of defence, that is, maintain social distance, for their own and others’sake.

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