Award Category - Most Innovative Use of Robotics

Introduction - Kaishav Kumar is a B.Tech student from Sagar Institute of Science Technology and Research, Bhopal 

Achievement - Developed an AI-based borewell rescue robot 


Borewell accident incidents, particularly involving children, are a harsh reality across many regions in India. These open pits are often left unsecured and pose a silent threat, with falls resulting in injuries, entrapment, and even fatalities. These have narrow depths and lack of oxygen in the borewells can create a desperate situation, demanding swift and specialized rescue operations. While some rescues are successful, the emotional and physical toll on victims, families, and rescue teams is immense.


In response to the escalating challenges posed by increasing borewell-related incidents due to drought and water depletion, Kaishav Kumar developed a humanoid robot designed specifically for borewell rescue operations. 

The current rescue process, involving the intricate removal of motors and casing pipes, proves to be time-consuming, with rescue teams often resorting to parallel well digging, taking anywhere from 20 to 60 hours. This prolonged duration has contributed to a high failure rate of approximately 70% in rescue operations. 

In response to these critical issues, the KAIRRY initiative proposes a cutting-edge solution employing a humanoid robot equipped with a human-like hand that utilizes Inverse Kinematics, that can minimize the damage during rescue operations.

KAIRRY incorporates an AI navigation system powered by advanced algorithms that allows it to autonomously navigate through borewells. This system utilizes path and position recognition techniques to adapt to varying dimensions and structures, ensuring precise movement crucial for reaching and extracting trapped individuals.

KAIRRY is also equipped with AI-based image processing capabilities that enhance its situational awareness. By analyzing visual data captured by onboard cameras, the robot can detect objects, identify hazards, and locate individuals in need of rescue, significantly improving overall efficiency.


Addressing a significant societal challenge, Kaishav Kumar's creation, KAIRRY, earned notable recognition by being selected as a standout participant in the National Level Project Expo Competition, ANVESHNA 2023-24. In this highly competitive contest, KAIRRY stood out among other projects and won highlighting its effectiveness in addressing a critical issue. 

Kaishav Kumar is a finalist for Most Innovative Use of Robotics Award because of his humanoid robot, KAIRRY, which is aimed at the larger public good and has the potential of improving rescue operations in borewell-related accidents.

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