• Award Category: Most Promising Talent
  • Introduction: Jitendra Kumar is a B.Ed student from Giridih, Jharkhand
  • Achievement: A Performing Artist who finds creative expression through mimicry, stand-up comedy and theatre.

Jitendra Kumar - the man of many talents - is a B.Ed student at Shine Abdur Razzaque Teachers Training College, Giridih Jharkhand. He is an actor, stand-up comedian, dramatist and mimicry artist. Using his expressive talent, he has won many mentions and won several awards.

Jitendra’s Journey

On 26 January 2023, Jitendra Kumar represented Jharkhand in Parliament on the occasion of the Birth Anniversary of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and interacted with Honourable Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi.

Along with representing his university on different platforms, Jitendra has also performed and won at the Glory Festival, 2020 in Puri, Odisha. He was not only a part in a play but also grabbed third place in the National-level Stand up comedy organised during the festival.

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Jitendra is also the recipient of the Naman Jharkhand Pratibha Samman 2021.

Jitendra grabbed the third position in Mimicry during the 36th Inter-University East Zonal Youth Festival, KIIT.

Jitendra also represented Ranchi University in the National Youth Festival, 2023 held in Bengaluru.

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In 2019, Jitendra was a part of the Godaan Drama enacted during a seminar at St. Columbus University, Jharkhand.

Jitendra has also performed poetry at Vinoba Bhave University under the National Service Scheme.

Using his talents, Jitendra Kumar has also been trying to raise awareness against social issues through his theatrical talents. He has been a part of plays and acts performed on the theme of dowry, suicide, etc.

Jitendra has been an active volunteer for the National Service Scheme as well.

Jitendra Kumar is a finalist for Most Promising Talent because he has found, developed and utilised his talent of expression - as a stand-up comedian, mimicry artist, dramatist and actor - to find creative expression while raising awareness about social issues.

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