• Award Category: Best Initiative (Mental Health)
  • Introduction: Dr. Jaya Kumar is an educator and a mental health advocate for young students
  • Achievement: Educates young minds about mental health issues through webinars and social media

Dr. Jaya Kumar is an educator, blogger, and author who has a YouTube channel to spread awareness about mental health and strives to erase the stigma associated with this issue. She organises free-of-cost seminars and events so that maximum number of students are benefitted from them. Dr. Kumar has also authored a book and her articles on mental health can be read in various newspapers including Hindustan Times and The Times Of India.


Dr. Kumar has been an educator, motivational speaker, and blogger for the past 9 years. She has been delivering high-quality articles on optimism, life, mental wellness, and well-being through my blog, MOJ. To spread awareness about Covid Appropriate Behaviour (CAB), Dr. Kumar made a short film during the pandemic. As an educator, she emphasises health and healthy eating habits for a sound mind and healthy body. Moreover, Dr. Kumar volunteers for various social causes and campaign initiatives by the Government of India.


  • Free-of-cost Seminars On Mental Health

Dr. Kumar conducts seminars and events that are free of cost to help maximum number of students struggling with mental health issues. She addresses various important aspects of mental health during her sessions. Some of the topics include cognitive health, emotional health, and behavioural health. 

  • YouTube Channel To Cater To A Larger Audience

To erase the stigma associated with mental health and to empower the audience, Dr. Kumar creates informative videos on her YouTube channel to educate the youth about mental health. She believes that it is imperative for the audience to identify the issue that they are going through and take the necessary steps to tackle it.

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  • Authored A Book Called The Garden Of Life 

From real-life experiences and thoughts on life, Dr. Kumar has authored a book called The Garden of Life, which contains some lessons from life and helps us choose the correct path. It is an analysis of the different kinds of situations a human being faces in his lifetime. She believes that the language used in the book is simple to read, and her profound reflections on life add a layer of depth, offering a thought-provoking experience to the readers.


  • Received the All India First prize from the Ministry of Ayush, Government of India in the Video Blogging Contest #AyushseJeevaniShakti focusing on mental and physical well-being in 2021
  • On the occasion of our 73rd Republic Day, one of her poems was featured on the MyGov India Portal
  • Healthy recipe was highlighted as One of the Best Healthy Nutritious Recipes in the Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat campaign on the MyGov portal


Dr. Jaya Kumar is a finalist in the Best Initiative (Mental Health) Category because of her commitment to educating young students on mental health issues, helping them cope with their anxieties, and bringing a positive change in their lives.

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