• Award Category: Outstanding Educational Leader
  • Introduction: Dr. Harpreet Kaur is the Principal of Allenhouse Panki, Kanpur
  • Achievement: Setting industry standards by weaving technology and innovation into education

Dr. Harpreet Kaur is a visionary reshaping the narrative of educational leadership with an unwavering commitment to excellence. Her innovative spirit and transformative approach illuminate the path toward educational brilliance. As the Principal of Allenhouse Panki, Kanpur, Dr. Kaur has gone the extra mile to transform each corner of the school into a unique masterpiece that tells a story. She aims to foster an environment where every space is designed to captivate attention and kindle curiosity.


Dr. Kaur has 18 years of rich experience in teaching and 4 years of experience in leadership. Under her able guidance, Allenhouse Public School, Panki in Kanpur has been ranked number 1 in Kanpur, number 1 in Uttar Pradesh, and number 3 in India for its library and reading culture by the prestigious 'Education World'. She is also associated with schools like Kangaroo Kids International School and Allenhouse Public School, Khalasilines Kanpur.


  • Transforming Every Space Into A Canvas Of Inspiration

Dr. Harpreet Kaur aims to ignite an unparalleled zeal for learning in young minds. She has meticulously designed every nook and corner of Allenhouse Panki to immerse students in a journey of exploration and discovery. The thoughtful design ensures that every element contributes to the overall learning experience. Dr. Kaur has displayed the achievements of students throughout the school so that students internalize the value of their efforts, creating a sense of accomplishment.

  • Teaching Essential Life Skills To Students

Dr. Kaur's commitment extends beyond textbooks into meticulously crafted Smart Skills for Life (SSFL) classes. These classes aim to instill moral values and ethical principles in the students for their holistic development. Through engaging activities, students learn decision-making, effective communication, and emotional intelligence in SSFL classes.

  • Sports For Holistic Development

Dr. Kaur focuses on integrating sports academies into the overall educational experience where students excel in sports such as cricket, football, skating, badminton, tennis, and taekwondo. With a belief that youngsters need physical activity for a healthy lifestyle, Dr. Kaur passionately organized diverse sports events, including robotics, animations, and technology wars to unleash creativity among students. 

  • Extracurricular Activities to Provide a Rich Educational Experience

Under Dr. Harpreet Kaur's guidance, students embark on enriching journeys, adding unique dimensions to their learning experiences. Visits to places like the Amar Ujjala Printing Press expose the students to the real-world environment and provide the much-needed industry connect. A 10-day summer camp at Allenhouse Panki, Kanpur becomes a playground of fun for students that features interactions with celebrity singers and renowned bakers. 

  • Innovative Parent-Principal Meetings

Most schools ensure that parents actively participate in their child's educational journey through regular Parent-Teacher Meetings. However, Dr Kaur decided to take this a step further by adding a ‘skip meeting’ level. Therefore, she initiated the idea of Coffee with the Principal encouraging parents to actively participate in the discussions held with the Principal, creating a collective effort to nurture each student's potential and ensure a well-rounded educational experience.


  • Honoured with The Principal Par Excellence award by IIHM
  • Asia's Finest Educator by Humming Bird Education Ltd
  • Innovative Educationist Award by National Independent Teachers Association
  • Maa Bhaarti Sewa Samman by Bharat Uthan Nyaas
  • Principal of the Year 2024 by Eduleaders Summit
  • Guru Gaurav Award by Swami Vivekananda Education and Research Centre
  • ‘The Recent Treasure’ by Super House Education Foundation at the SEF Leaders Conclave Connect 2022, contributing to the organization's success


Dr. Harpreet Kaur is a finalist for the Outstanding Educational Leader award because of her consistent efforts to blend educational leadership with creativity and innovation. She equips students with a conducive environment and gives them space to think and exhibit their skills

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