• Award Category: Most Innovative use of Science & Technology
  • Introduction: Dr. Abhishek Choubey teaches B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering)- III Year at the Sagar Institute of Science Technology & Research, Bhopal
  • Achievement: Developed several scientific projects such as bike ambulance, convertible stretcher, and suitcase bike to make life easier. 

Science and Technology play an indispensable role in the progress and development of a nation as it accelerates economic growth, improves the quality of life, and brings about transformation in society. Realizing its significance in the modern contemporary world, Dr. Abhishek Choubey, professor at Sagar Institute of Science Technology & Research, Bhopal, undertook several scientific projects including suitcase bike, customized handicapped vehicle, and compressed air tricycle for making life easier for everyone.

Bike Ambulance

The idea to develop a bike ambulance emerged from the intention to facilitate quick transfer of patients to hospitals, in villages as well as traffic-jammed and congested areas in cities. Dr. Choubey and his students developed a bike ambulance with key features including first aid, oxygen support, and GPS. In an emergency, the setup can be attached to the side of any bike, thereby converting it into a bike ambulance.  

Smart Mini Tractor

In its design phase currently, the smart mini tractor is a bike that can be converted into a line digging tractor. It is expected to significantly reduce the digging and labour cost, time, turning radius (in comparison to tractors), along with enhancing accessibility to smaller areas.

To convert a bike into a smart mini tractor, the rear axle will be removed to fix the line digger with the help of two wheels. The setup will be attached to the rear portion of the bike and the wheeling system will be arranged. The movement of the line digger will be controlled by a lever system.  The project is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

Convertible Stretcher cum Wheel Chair

Mobility aids such as wheelchairs and stretchers are used for the transportation of patients. Many times, patients have to wait for their turn to access these, causing unnecessary delays in treatments. To resolve the issue, Dr. Abhishek Choubey and his students designed and fabricated a stretcher that can be converted to a wheelchair using a Z bar mechanism and vice-versa with the help of a button. The prototype of the model was developed and donated to Bhopal’s Red Cross Hospital.

Suitcase Bike 

With an ever-increasing surge in automobiles, and a limited landmass to drive and park, Dr. Abhishek Choubey and his students landed upon the idea of developing a foldable and portable vehicle. Hence, the development of a suitcase bike that can be folded in a suitcase, and doesn’t require parking space.

The three-wheeler can be assembled in less than ten minutes, powered by a battery, and is so compact that it can be used in shopping malls, industries, college campuses, and so forth. Additionally, it is environment friendly, cost-effective, lightweight, and can be folded into a suitcase if a person is stuck in traffic.

Customized handicapped vehicle

The differently-abled people face difficulties while driving wheelchairs from one place to another. To help such people, Dr. Choubey and the team modified an old TVS scooty which, as claimed, is safer and more powerful compared to the conventional vehicles available in the market. The customized vehicle has improved power and turning radius, along with reverse gear.

Compressed Air Tricycle

To help reduce the sufferings of the differently-abled people, Dr. Choubey and his team added a pneumatic and control system in the current hand-powered tricycle, facilitating freedom in travel to the community. The Compressed Air Tricycle is powered by compressed air, compact and lightweight, affordable, and requires less human effort.

Pneumatics is essentially a technique to convert electricity into mechanical motion using compressed gasses rather than motors or electromagnets. For many applications, it can be far more efficient and practical.

Dr. Abhishek Choubey is a finalist for Most Innovative Use of Science and Technology because… he has motivated his students to identify issues that prevail in society, and help them take up projects to find feasible solutions, thereby utilizing science and technology to make life easier for everyone.

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