• Award Category: Best Initiative (For Grassroots Service)
  • Introduction: Dipti Chawla is an educator currently employed at Kothari International School, Noida
  • Achievement: Founder of Saksham Bharti NGO and Lluvia De Idea - a project to reduce the rural-urban education gap.

As the Head of the Department of Political Science at Kothari International School, Noida, Dipti is an experienced educator skilled in providing Educational Technology, Instructional Design and Counseling. She passionately prepares teachers and students for national and international events, conferences and educational exchange programmes while working with organizations like UNODC, People’s UNESCO Club, Harvard Model United Nations, Kothari Model United Nations and Kothari Moot Court, among others. 

Saksham Bharti NGO

She is the founder member & General Secretary of the NGO ’Saksham Bharti’ which is serving the underprivileged children of urban slums by developing their IT Skills, Soft Skills and Vocational Skills. 

Saksham Bharti NGO conducts engagement sessions for students with various experts to help in their growth and development.

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Lluvia De Idea

Believing in the transformational power of education, Dipti started Lluvia de Idea -Vichar Manthan. As the co-founder of Lluvia de Idea, Dipti has tried to bridge the rural-urban educational divide at the school level using digital connectivity. 

The project aims to connect knowledge seekers with knowledge providers which will help in bringing about positive change in local communities.

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At Lluvia De Idea, under the Lockdown Learner Series, Dipti guided her students to create voice notes using WhatsApp for those living in remote areas where live classes were impossible. Students also created videos to spread awareness about Cyber Bullying.

Other Activities

Website by Political Science Students: A Platform for Expression

Dipti inspired students to create a website for Political Science named Understanding Political Science, aiming to provide a digital platform to the youth for self-expression.

Visit the website created by her students here 

Dipti has also been awarded as the “Best Political Science Teacher” by Kothari School.

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Dipti Chawla is a finalist in the Best Initiative For Grassroots Service because of her active involvement and thoughtful initiatives taken towards helping students from all backgrounds in their education and academic journey. Through her initiatives Lluvia De Idea and Saksham NGO, she has supported the journey of 1000+ students in their pursuit of knowledge. 

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