• Award Category: Most Innovative Educational Project
  • Introduction: Arjun Asudani is a Class 12 Student from Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai
  • Achievement: Established Beats for Betterment - an initiative that promotes education in Arts & STEM, for underprivileged youth, in rural Maharashtra.

The youth in the rural and underprivileged parts of the country often lack access to quality education. 18-year-old Arjun Asudani has set up Beats for Betterment, an initiative to promote education in arts & STEM for the underprivileged youth of rural Maharashtra.

Beats for Betterment

The Beats for Betterment team conducts workshops in music, dance, drama and poetry for grades 6 to 10 students in rural Maharashtra. These workshops include all forms of learning, visual, kinaesthetic and auditory, in the Arts and STEM subjects. Herein students are made to engage in interactive activities for hands-on experience. 

Structure of Beats for Betterment Workshops

  • PowerPoint presentation on the art form to give students a description of what the art form really is, its importance in India/on a global scale, and how it impacts our daily lives.
  • Breakout rooms where students are divided into groups and assigned a leader who teaches them with the example of the art form.
  • Students return to the main room and perform for their peers.
  • Informative discussion about science, technology, engineering and mathematics in the context of the art form and in general 
  • Individual student reflections.

The Concept and Vision Behind Beats for Betterment

In today‚Äôs age when knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics goes beyond school, merging STEM education with practical learning helps students use the knowledge in its truest sense. 

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Other Significant Project: Light of Life Trust

Arjun has also worked with Light of Life Trust, an NGO dedicated to improving educational opportunities for underprivileged children, as a fundraiser and volunteer from 2019 to 2022. 

During this engagement, Arjun volunteered and found Edify, using his passion for Physics, raising Rs 60000+. This helped the organisation stay afloat during the pandemic.

He also initiated a shoe drive, in 2019, where he. An avid sportsman himself, he was able to raise 100+ pairs of sports shoes to help underprivileged children pursue sports. 

Arjun Asudani is a finalist for Most Innovative Educational Project because of his noble initiative to creatively provide Arts and STEM knowledge to the underprivileged youth of rural Maharashtra. 

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