• Award Category: Best Use of Science and Technology
  • Introduction: Ansh Mishra is an engineering student from Sagar Institute of Science Technology and Research, Bhopal.
  • Achievement: Developed a Surveillance Drone to strengthen the Police Patrolling System for the protection of women.

Although the Indian police forces work day and night for the security of their citizens, at times it gets difficult to monitor the remote areas of the localities and monitor the crimes being committed. Ansh Mishra, a 21-year-old student in the final year of his engineering at Sagar Institute of Science Technology and Research, Bhopal, has taken up this problem as a priority and developed a simple yet effective solution –  "Surveillance Unmanned Aerial Vehicle". 

Surveillance Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

The Surveillance drone developed by Ansh Mishra is an effective innovation to reach every corner of the nation and to have an eye on the crimes being committed. This SUAV is much more economical, as compared to the other options currently available. The production cost of this Surveillance Drone lies in the range of Rs 150000 to 180000, which is about one-fourth of the manufacturing cost of the drone production company DJI. All the parts of this drone are replaceable and can be modified, as per requirements.


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Features of Ansh’s Surveillance Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

  • SUAV performs all major operations such as route mapping, surveillance, indication & load/cargo transfer along with 360 degrees rotatable night vision Wi-Fi-enabled camera. 
  • It has a total flight time of about 30 mins. 
  • The range of SUAV is 1-1.5 km (GPS enabled), with a height of 60-80 feet, indicating lights with dedicated batteries and cargo hooks with servo motors. 
  • It has a dedicated battery backup for the camera.
  • Ansh has also introduced solar panels to increase its power efficiency. 
  • A Catching Net is also being introduced to capture and rescue the victims.

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The SUAV will be most useful in remote locations, forests, hilly terrains, rescue missions and so on, where regular patrolling is difficult. Ansh Mishra’s mission is to make this technology available for all State Police Departments and the Defence Research and Development Organisation even to D.R.D.O. 

Ansh Mishra is a finalist for Best Use of Science and Technology because of his unique innovation of Surveillance Unmanned Armed Vehicle, which has the potential of assisting law enforcement agencies to control crime and ensure the safety of citizens. 

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