• Award Category: Most Innovative Teaching Method
  • Introduction: Amit Kumar is a PGT Computer Science teacher in JNV Theog, Shimla
  • Achievement: Amit simplified the teaching of computer science by introducing blended learning approaches and ICT tools. 

Amit Kumar, a computer science teacher at Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya at Theog, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. He simplified the teaching of Computer Science by introducing blended learning approaches such as Flipped Classroom using Flipgrid, Blended learning through FOSS and MOOCs, SDGs in Classroom and Mind Mapping. 

Teaching Techniques and Initiatives

Amit has used different Innovative and Teaching-Learning Practices:

  • Flipped Classroom Approach: He trained the students of Class 11, and 12, in his school to use Video Editing (ICT) tools for eContent creation. He is currently working to create video tutorials pertaining to Python programming under the "For the students, by the students" initiative. His prime motive for this approach is to inculcate 21st-century skills among the learners to make them future-ready. He had implemented the Collaborative Flipped Classroom approach at JNV Shimla using Wakelet which is highly effective for developing soft skills amongst students. His school students are also sensitized about exploring the right eContent while taking care of copyright issues and licensing to develop Digital Citizenship among the students.

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  • Flipped Classroom Using Flipgrid: He used Flipgrid to initiate a discussion with fellow educators or introduce a topic to students.
  • Blended learning through FOSS and MOOCs: His blended learning technology is being used in his classroom to bridge the learning gap between Bright and Supportive learners.

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  • SDGs in the Classroom: He also introduced United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in his classroom and imparted STEM-based teaching in the classroom. He took training in SDGs from IIT Bombay and Microsoft and carried out the Student Solar Ambassador Workshop successfully in his school.
  • Mind Mapping: Computer Science students of classes 11 and 12 in JNV Shimla are trained to use various Mind Mapping tools like Free Plane, Free Mind, etc., for recapitalization of the subject matter. Mind Maps have proven to be an effective technique for comprehensive memorization of difficult topics. The approach inculcates creative and critical thinking among learners.

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Amit is a recipient of the National Award for Teachers 2022 & National ICT Award 2015 from the President of India.

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He contributed as a Resource Person for 4 different sessions i.e. Flipgrid (English), Flipgrid (Hindi), Piktochart, Journey or ICT Awardee during ICT Webinar during COVID-19 organized by CIET-NCERT, MoE, New Delhi. 

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Amit Kumar is a finalist for Most Innovative Teaching Method because he made the teaching-learning process of computer science interesting and creative using ICT tools.

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