• Award Category: Best Initiative (Edutainment – Making Learning Fun)
  • Introduction: teaches Class IX to XII students at the Ahlcon International School, New Delhi
  • Achievement: Abhinav launched various Ed-Tech initiatives to make learning fun for his students

Even before the pandemic hit us, Abhinav Dutta – a teacher at Ahlcon International School, New Delhi, understood the power of technology and the role that it can play in making Education more engaging and at the same time entertaining for the students. He believes that students of today’s generation thrive the most in a learning environment tailored to promote ‘thinking’ and push the frontiers of knowledge through innovative strategies and teaching practices. This is why Abhinav decided to integrate Ed-Tech tools into his teaching pedagogy. Some of the key projects done by him include:

STEM-based Projects

He has been using a variety of STEM activities in his class like Digitalized Biotech and bio-based fuel design that helps the students to develop critical thinking skills and 21st-century competencies in them.

A Modern Visage To Biology And Biotechnology With Innovative Pedagogy: The Insight Of Remodeling Classroom – Click Here to view the Presentation

Virtual Experiential Learning

The virtual hands-on training was provided to classes X and XII using simulations and videos available on OLABS by Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeeth. Practicals were explained. Simulation proved to be an effective tool as kids learned actively. Class XII students performed bioinformatics practical using NCBI as a computer tool.

Virtual Assembly

Virtual assemblies help in cultivating a sense of belongingness among the students towards their school. Virtual assemblies are an effective and flexible way of delivering impactful lessons. For conducting a virtual assembly, a group of eight students from class XI B (where he was appointed as the class teacher) were selected. Brainstorming on the topic “Keep rivers clean and earth evergreen” was done. Work was distributed and a re-assembly was prepared by using a PowerPoint presentation.

Flipped Classroom

One that inverts the typical cycle of content acquisition and application so that students gain knowledge before the class. The flipped classroom is conducted once every week as an asynchronous class where content is uploaded in the form of a link, e-notes, or assignment. Students are asked to read the content and discussion is done the next day on the topic.


An engaging tool that empowers the voice of the classroom or at home by recording and sharing videos. Flipgrid videos helped in making biology chapters like crop production easy and interactive.


An expressive tool in which ordinary text can be converted into video and communicated in a way that the class understands. He has prepared many Plotagon videos on biology topics like cell, photosynthesis, and biotechnology.

Podcast and Virtual circle time using Padlet

Podcasts were prepared for class IX Biology students. They contained the summary of the entire chapter with important key points highlighted purposely. They informed the students about the key terms that they can use while reading the chapter. Virtual circle time was conducted in class IX biology for chapter ‘Cell’ by using ‘Padlet’. Students were encouraged to give feedback and share the problems they faced.

Innovative Assessment tools

Assessment tools like Kahoot, Quiziz, and MS forms were used to provide formative and summative feedback using fun games and puzzles which made the online assessment interesting.

SDG based innovation and Use of Virtual Reality

All the e-lessons were designed using sustainable development goals and their importance was highlighted. Also, Virtual Reality technology helped students learn through interactions with a 3D world. Abinav has also been using 3D technology to explore the human body. This provided the students a valuable opportunity to learn in an immersive manner. It also made learning fun and helped the students retain the material for a longer time.

Peer Teaching

Abhinav used Peer Teaching as an effective tool to help the students master a particular subject. As per this technique, a student instructed another student, wherein the former was an expert and the latter a novice. For example, class 10th students were assigned topics as a part of their Multiple assessments and given a week’s time to prepare. Students taught the topics using smart boards and chalkboards.

Other Achievements

For his contributions in the field of Edutainment, Abhinav has also been selected as Ambassador for the following Ed Tech tools - Buncee Ambassador, Wakelet Ambassador, Quizlet Super trainer, Adobe Creative Educator Level 1 and 2, Google Certified Educator, Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, CAP Facilitator, Flipgrid Educator, Nearpod Educator, and Book Creator Certified Educator.

He was also selected as Facilitator for Climate Action Project 2021-22. He has also won the Climate action school of Excellence along with his team of six students who worked tirelessly for finding solutions to problems related to climate change.

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Abhinav Datta is a finalist for Best Use of Edutainment - Making Learning Fun Because…instead of being bogged down by the pandemic, he used technology and ed-tech tools to make online learning both educational and fun for his students.

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