JagranJosh.com presents JagranJosh Education Summit & Awards (29th March 2023). Having set the industry gold standard with Seasons 1 and 2 of JagranJosh Education Awards, Jagran New Media is back with the all-new Season 3, as JagranJosh Education Summit & Awards (JESA)!

The event will commence with a Summit featuring inspirational keynote speeches and lively panel discussions featuring thought leaders from the education ecosystem.

Season 1 of JagranJosh Education Awards celebrated the achievements of those who rose against adversity and created inspiring stories of excellence in education during the Pandemic. Check out Season 1 Here!

Season 2 recognized those who kept the flag of excellence flying high during the New Normal when the world was gradually opening up. Check out Season 2 Here!

Season 3 takes forward the legacy of rewarding excellence in education and will recognize Best of the Best in select award categories.

Guests of Honour

Keynote Speakers




Educational Leaders

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Outstanding Educational Leader

This category will recognize 3 educational leaders (Principals/Heads of Institutions) who thought differently and demonstrated excellence in educational leadership. [The ‘difference’ can be made while championing a cause, affecting change at scale, setting an industry standard or displaying pioneering innovation]


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Most Innovative Teaching Method

An initiative that made teaching or learning easier for the educators or students.

Most Innovative use of Science & Technology

An initiative that made innovative use of science & tech to solve an everyday problem

Best Initiative (Using Social Media)

An initiative that made use of social media to make a significant contribution in improving learning outcomes.

Best Initiative (For Grassroots Service)

An initiative that benefitted educators or students from the economically weaker or disadvantaged section of the society.

Best Initiative (Edutainment – Making Learning Fun)

An initiative that made learning fun and interactive while retaining the academic benefits.


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Most Innovative Educational Project

A project or initiative that demonstrated innovation and out of the box thinking in an academic context.

Most Socially-Relevant Initiative

A socially relevant initiative that demonstrated active involvement with a social cause and produced measurable results.

Most Creative Use of Social Media

A project/initiative/campaign that made the most effective use of social media in a meaningful way for constructive results.

Best Use of Science & Technology

A project or initiative that made innovative use of science & tech for a practical and useful application in daily life.

Most Promising Talent

Any work or series of work that demonstrated creative talent [Entries can include published works, original photograph/painting (attested by the Principal/head of institution) or recorded musical composition/performance.]

Special Awards

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These awards will recognize accomplishments in the institutional or start-up framework and will be chosen editorially at JNM.

Judges’ Choice Awards

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In addition to the nomination-based categories, JagranJosh Education Summit and Awards will have a special category of awards for the students - Judges’ Choice Awards. These will involve an interaction/question answer round for the winners (of the nomination-based awards) with the judges during the event where winners will be chosen based on their intelligence and presence of mind.

Nomination Process

Awards Winners

Benefits for theAward Winners

  • Recognition in the form of Award Trophy and Certificate by India’s #1 Education Portal – JagranJosh.com (43 Million + Unique Users/month. Source: ComScore June ‘22)
  • Names of the awardees will be widely published in Jagran New Media group websites (100 Million + Unique Users/month. Source: ComScore June ‘22) and all social platforms.

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Why these awards?

JagranJosh Education Awards were conceptualized in the midst of COVID-19 induced lockdown during which time, the Educational leaders, Teachers and Students went beyond the mile to prove the famous quote by Nelson Mandela - Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world.

Seasons 1 and 2 of the Awards celebrated these very key stakeholders in the education ecosystem who were unstoppable despite the Pandemic and quickly adapted to the New Normal and created stories of courage and change in the face of adversity.

In Season 3, we take forward this legacy and celebrate ‘Best of the Best’ who continue to raise the bar of excellence in education through their untiring efforts and innovative approach.

Above all, these awards celebrate the spirit of those change makers who go the extra mile to create stories that inspire the future generations.

Why should I go for this award?

JagranJosh Education Awards are decided by a prestigious jury’s decision. Winning these awards means being part of a select league of students and educators of high calibre & repute.

What is the probability of getting selected for these awards?

These awards celebrate pioneering achievements of students and teachers who displayed exceptional creativity and innovation. Hence we encourage you to apply if you think you fulfil the requirements in any given category. Selection is purely merit based.

What are the steps involved in the Selection Process?

First you have to register on the website or send an email as per the nomination process. Your entry will be reviewed editorially and, if accepted, you will hear from us about the next steps. Nominations will be shortlisted and shared with the Jury. The jury will decide the final winners who will receive the award trophy and certificate in a glittering awards ceremony.

Can I apply for Season 3 if I also applied for Season 1 or 2?

Yes, if you applied for Season 1 or 2 but could not win, then you’re encouraged to apply for Season 3

What if there is more than one deserving candidate in a given category?

The jury’s decision will be final in this regard.

Are there any fees for nomination?

There are no fees for nominations in any category. JNM reserves the right to accept/decline any nomination based on the criteria mentioned.

Does nomination guarantee my inclusion?

Please note that completing this nomination survey, while required for award consideration, does not guarantee the Nominee's inclusion. Inclusion is subject to meeting certain criteria consistent with the mission, objectives, and policies of JNM. The information you enter is also subject to editing for style, accuracy, or other reasons.