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Why these awards?

In the year 2020, the world witnessed massive academic disruption because of the school/college closures caused due to the COVID-19 induced lockdown. Students were forced to stay indoors and it took some time for the world to come to terms with the digital delivery of education. India was no different and was affected more because of the digital divide that separates the haves from the have nots.

However, students and teachers quickly adapted to the changed circumstances and online education became the new normal. During this period, some stories stood out more conspicuously than others and became an inspiration for the rest of us. These were of the educators and students who braved immense odds (like lack of access to basic resources, unfavorable family circumstances, digital divide and lack of access to governmental/institutional support) to set exemplary standards of excellence in education.

These awards are therefore being organised to felicitate and honour these very Students and Educators who went the extra mile to set a personal example of dedication and innovation in the face of adverse circumstances.

Why should I go for this award?

JagranJosh Education Awards are decided by pan-India votes and a prestigious jury’s decision. Winning these awards means being part of a select league of students and educators of high calibre & repute.

What is the probability of getting selected for these awards?

These awards celebrate individual achievements of students and teachers during the pandemic. Hence we encourage you to apply if you think you fulfil the requirements in any given category. Selection is purely merit based.

What are the steps involved in the Selection Process?

First you have to register on the website or send an email as per the nomination process. Your entry will be reviewed editorially and, if accepted, you will hear from us about the next steps. Shortlisted nominations will be put up for audience voting followed by the jury selection round. The jury will decide the final winners who will receive the award trophy and certificate in a virtual awards ceremony.

What if there is more than one deserving candidate in a given category?

The jury’s decision will be final in this regard.

Are there any fees for nomination?

There are no fees for nominations in any category. JNM reserves the right to accept/decline any nomination based on the criteria mentioned.

Does nomination guarantee my inclusion?

Please note that completing this nomination survey, while required for award consideration, does not guarantee the Nominee's inclusion. Inclusion is subject to meeting certain criteria consistent with the mission, objectives, and policies of JNM. The information you enter is also subject to editing for style, accuracy, or other reasons.